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#6902 - Petersen, it really hurts!?! Let me feel it, he said in a thick voice, you probably just sprained it, while feeling her calf and ankle!!! Mmmmmmm, Becky said softly, it feels so much better when you're touching it, can you go a little higher, yeah, right there, just below the knee!!! As Mr. Petersen, it's all wet and open, and I'll bet your penis is really hard too, isn't it!?! He was now unable to move his lips, let alone answer her question, so when she reached out and pulled his face towards her drooling cunt, he didn't offer even the hint of any resistance, he just let her guide his mouth to her open organ and began sucking her intently!!! With the tape machine running, Becky offered sweetly, Oh, Mr. Petersen was afraid someone would hear them so he shushed Becky down and said, Don't worry, I don't think you're going to get spanked, just calm down!!! It's easy for you to say, she said through her tears, nobody's

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