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#184598 - I groaned and said “Who is it?” “Mel!” Dad began to smirk and said quietly “We fuck who we want and use that against them!” We all nodded in agreement until Kevin said “No-one is allowed to touch Naomi until I take her virginity!” we all agreed on that so I SAID “Yea come in!” Mel walked in causally and stopped in her tracks when she saw dad, she looked at him for a second and then said “Have you seen my camera?” I shook my head as Kevin shut my door behind her and locked it and grabbed her arse, she jumped and was about to say something when dad said “Don’t touch him slave, come here and get to work!” my dad’s dick was already out and I watched and she tried to rush out the door, we laughed and I stood up and grabbed her breast through her top and gently massaged it, she began to cry and fell to her knees in desperation, we sniggered and Kevin dragged off her underwear and began terrorising her pussy, I laughed at her alarmed face and dragged her by her hair to m

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