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#309566 - as she swung at anchor fifty yards or so off the quayside of the only town on a tiny Carribean Island while two vacationing university students, blonde haired blue eyed Lynnie and dark haired brown eyed Jo lay sun bathing in their swimsuits on the sun drenched polished pine foredeck. Your cunt lip, shut up! the sergeant insisted, Carla just do it! Carla the Policewoman motioned for Lynnie to spread her legs, she wasn't happy but with a Colt 45 probably pointed at her she didn't refuse, It won't hurt a bit, said the policewoman as she spread Lynnie's Labia before freezing the left lip and punching a hole with a device like a pair of pliers and easing a key ring with the dog tag through. Oh yes, enjoy your stay! the sergeant agreed, Adios! Lynnie staggered out into the dusty street horribly aware if the people she thought were staring at her, and with Anton and Pablo following they turned towards the quay and the 'Empress,' which th

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Yet facials are the best
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