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#346226 - My thoughts were filled about her as I pulled my shorts on, corralling my stiffening member inside, then zipping and snapping them shut. She stopped right in front of me, looking at me with lustful intent, and then straddled herself above my lap, her drooling pussy hanging just above my lurching rod! I grabbed my cock and lined it up with the entrance of her steamy pit, and then watched as she lowered her seething twat down over my jerking dick! I arched my back as I felt the hot, fleshy, lips of her cunt slowly part as I slid up into her burning, wet canal. My shorts hung there for a moment and then fell from my waist, past my hips and down my legs, leaving me completely naked with my ragging hard-on jutting straight out from my body.

Read Affair お母さんいただきます。サイドストーリー2 Ch.01-03 - Original Cumfacial お母さんいただきます。サイドストーリー2 Ch.01-03

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