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#68265 - Walked up to Thedford and shook his hand and tipped his hat to Irene and the girls and when Thedford asked to borrow the phone George looked at him really puzzled and said well If I had one of those you'd be welcome to borrow it!! And guess maybe whatever that is they have in big cities i've never visited or gone and sold my cotton, hay, and cattle at!! That's when Thedford looked about and saw absolutely no telephone poles, Electric lines etc. That fog they had into had vanished!! AS up ahead of them came a Wagon Loaded with hay and thankfull they somehow could get help and find out how in the hell they'd ended up on this country road when they were traveling down the road on asphalt. As George told him he'd send some of his hands with horses down and bring their wagon back to the barn and see what was wrong with it!! Well now George's wife came out and went to the barn and wearing a beautiful blue victorian Dress and cur

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Jin kisaragi
Such a nice cock play lucky guy
Yukari tanizaki
So yummy