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#302752 - My best mate growing up was Danny,we did everything together, even losing our virginity on the same bed at the same time, me to Beth ' Danny's sister, him to Sophie,we all agreed it was awesome, so everyday after school we would go straight to my house and fuck till my dad came home which was late, I was blessed early with a 7 inch cock, but Danny's, fuck his was about 10 inches n fat, watching it slide in n out of Sophie turned me on to fuck, Sophie had to leave for 2 hours, around 6 ö clock for her tea, The first few times me n Beth stopped fucking till she came back cause it wasn't really fair on Danny, It was about the third or fourth week, and Danny went down to see Sophie out, like he did every day, when he left I was lay down with my legs of the bed, Beth was sat on me kissing me all over my face n neck, when Danny left she turned round, so her feet was at the edge of the bed with her back to me, she was fucking me hard with me rising up n down fast to meet her, Danny came

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She aint even moaning for your cock lol
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