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#300332 - Finally Alicia took the bull by the horns and waded in with, Alex and I have been watching you two for quite a while now, and we are pretty sure that you're exactly like us! What do you mean, like us, asked a wary Donna O'Brian? Look, cut in Alex, we can see that you two are always together just like we are, and that you seem chummier than a normal brother and sister usually would be! So what, retorted Dan, so we like each other's company, is that a crime!?! No, Alicia replied, but you and I both know that you're much closer than anyone else on campus knows, but we do, 'cuz were the same as you!!! Both Dan and Donna turned and looked at each other, and then looked back at the two interlopers as Donna said, No matter what you think, you can't prove a thing!!! Listen, Alicia said soothingly, we're not here to cause either of you any trouble, but we both know what it's like in a relationship like ours, and we, that being me and

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