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#19848 - I returned the complements to her as well, she asked if I would like to join her for dinner at the NCO club on post, after a nice meal, some wine and beer, and a few guys hitting on us we left the club and walked back to her barracks room, where she asked if I wanted another drink, Sure why not I said and we went to her room. Since my husband was in school for a week, and not at home, I thought I could have some ‘’me time’’, I booked a few hours at the spa in town, dropped off my daughter at my s****rs, and went off to my appointment, as I entered the spa I saw this American lady trying to explain in broken German what she wanted, I stepped up to help her out, we got things settled and offered to stay with her because we both had pretty much the same treatments massage, hot tub, facial, manicure and pedicure’s, we spent the day being pampered but I caught myself looking at her, she was not fat, but not skinny, everything was just in the right places, she commented on my boobs, ass and

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Yoko tanaka
A great hentai if only it had some sound kirsten not only looks great but she has a cute sexy voice too can anyone remedy the lack of sound on this hentai
Alielle relryle
Oh that is so perfect you are a hot couple
Pulls out meat scepter
Shoko sashinami
Thank you so much for posting this this is so fucking hot i need to have a perfect girl do this to me every single day of my miserable life