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#38424 - You hear Mike moan and again feel Sarah’s hands run over your body, this time she slips a hand round to your arse and strokes slowly over it before slipping a finger inside the crack, jumping a little as she does you take more of Mikes now hardening cock in to your mouth running your tongue round and round it, Mike’s hands grasp your hair and hold your head there as he starts to thrust his hips. What next you wonder. Hearing you cry out Mike stiffens and groans as his cock start bucking inside Sarah’s tight wet pussy filling it with his cum, feeling his cock pumping inside her makes Sarah orgasm hard her face still buried in your pussy, causing your orgasm to come harder, thrusting deep inside her for a little while Mike finally falls back on his heels pulling his still hard cock out in one move, Sarah groans and slips off your pussy falling to your side panting hard.

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