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#69210 - so a few day after me and harvey moved into are new apartment we went shopping for some new furniture because my parents dont exactly have the same taste as me so we are in the mall and we see harveys dad harvey lets go of my hand and said i need to talk to him babe i looked at harvey and said go ahead but baby remember dont exspect to much from him i dont want you getting hurt again so harvey walked over to his dad and they started talking but every so often harveys dad looked over at me and gave me a dirty look i tired to raise above it but i got so feed up of it i walked over and said what your problem with me now he looked at me and said fuck off to me i said who are you to talk to me like that your a dirty little drunk so he punched me and i fell to the floor and the mall cops took us to a room and we waited for the police when the police arrived i was read my right and so was harveys dad when we got to the police station i asked for my phone call so i could call my mo

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