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#397890 - I grin and say tell you what I'll make it up to you Scott raised one eyebrow and ask how? I smirk and say you'll see I take Summers hand and we go to math. Lilly talked for the both of us asking each of us questions and going on about her day until I heard mom say (to Lilly) did you hear about the new Nudist beach their building over in Balsam? I swallow my anger and ask how come their building a resort there,there's no beach on the lake except in the park right? Mom looks at me and says actually there's a sand bar on the side of the lake grandpas house is on I chuckled and said bet the Ryersons be all excited about that mom rolled her eyes and said That is one family I'll never understand they all dye their hair ridiculous colors they through mini raves in their back yard and they almost never sleep I smirk and say in my head (you could take lessons) so when is this place supposed to open?. When Lunch comes I go and see Mr.

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