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#262736 - 30pm, Mrs Burns, Tommy's mum came into the room with two plates of Chinese Chicken Curry from a take away. “ Yea I am sure, I want to try it” I was on my back with Kenny over me, he gently pushed my legs apart, he reached over to his bedside cabinet for the lube and a condom, Kenny forced the condom over his cock, then covered it with lube, he leaned in and began kissing me as his lubed cock slid up and down my ass crack, The hardness of his cock gently hitting off my pouting hungry hole, preparing me for the pending entry, at one point I tried to push against it, trying to take what I wanted, I almost felt as if he was teasing me, letting just the tip of his cock open me a little, then withdrawing again, I had heard the stories a thousand times about how painful getting fucked up the ass for the first time is, I was prepared for the pain, I knew after the pain would come the pleasure, everything single touch that Kenny had introduced me to that day had brought me mor

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Oh this make me so horny great job
Shouto todoroki
Sehr geil mmmhhh