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#344977 - I press my fingers firmly just above her ass, working in a triangle form, she groans into my mouth and I can feel her growing hotter again, she moans loudly as I fondle her ass. She suddenly break the kiss and lean back, I can see her nipples pressing against the fabric of the t-shirt and I can see her faint smile “Don’t worry, I like it when you look, at least you enjoy them” I run my fingers over her hard nipples and look up into her eyes, I slowly run my hands down her body and up her soft skin under the t-shirt, she watch me in silent anticipation, I slowly stroke over the soft undersides of her breasts and she sigh softly, I slowly stroke over her breasts, savoring her firm yet soft breasts as I spread my hands over them. My cock is throbbing and her display really fires me on and I push her up against the nearest wall, she giggles and spread her legs “I always wanted to get done this way” I guide my raging cock to her wet pussy and again I slip in easily, she moans

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