#266589 - i made some dinner for me and my sisters i do it because i remember all the good recipes from the cooking shows. I went back to sleep but i woke up and Kelly was blowing me so i just unleashed it into her mouth and she ran to the bathroom i went after her Im sorry she said its ok i said She grabbed my hand and drug me into the shower and turned on the hot water and just as we got in Sara opened the door and joined us Kelly and Sara lathered me up then each other i grabbed Kelly and just held her as Sara Held me Sara reached down and started to fondle my Penis all the while i was felling up Kelly squeezing her breasts i dint realize that Sara had put her head in between my legs and started sucking me off and just then i came into her mouth then she stood-up and shared it with my other sister letting it run out of her mouth and into Kellys they both swallowed my glorious cum. We sat down to eat because my mother rarely was home for dinner.

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Very very sexy my angel you are awesome