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#208620 - John was inexperienced in sex and didn’t realize that because the tip of his penis was already in her throat, Lorraine couldn’t help but swallow John extracted his penis slowly, watching Lorraine gag for air and she gasped as his tip finally left her mouth, then coughed ‘Well done’ he said. He naturally dared not compare himself to such a great detective, fictional or otherwise, but the basic ability was still there. John took advantage of Lorraine’s shock and bent down, grabbing her ankles as he ad done his father he flipped her up, over the bars and she screamed as she began to plummet head first towards the crusher, but stopped suddenly, John hadn’t let go of her ankles and she gasped with fright ‘Remember, at any moment I could decide to simply end you, if you disobey the smallest command, if you show the slightest bit of disdain, your fate will me much closer than you think, do you understand?’ he asked, she nodded slowly ‘Y-yes’ she said, John took advantage of her vulnerabi

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