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#290162 - s time and i went and woke harvey up and said baby you have to go see dean in half an hour so harvey got out of bed and went and had a shower whiles i made some coffee when i had finished i walked into the bathroom and said baby do you want some coffee? harvey nodded his head in the yes direction and i told him i had pour him a cup when harvey got out the shower he went and had his coffee and text dean saying he was going to be late i walked into the kitchen and harvey said come here babe so i did i sat on his lap and harvey hugged me and i said whats that for baby? because i love you aww i love you too baby i could feel harveys dick getting harder and i said do want some attention baby well i just wanted a hug but i wouldnt mind some baby so i got of harvey lap and unzipped his pants and pulled down his boxers and sucked his dick until he came in my mouth and i had to spit it out when i did i said to harvey baby you need more fruit in your diet so harvey went to

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Not sure which is hotter the fucking or capitalism in the background
Sango himeyuri
Good girl we love you janice