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#212636 - It was my son, barely being able to walk, he was being helped by a black man who said he was the taxi driver, who drove my son home, my son seemed to have drank a lot, and he wasn’t used to drinking, both my drunk son and I have clearly noticed the drivers eyes mesmerized on my seminude body, he was checking me out without shame, but no one could blame him, I almost had most of my sexy body on display. Billy started pushing the bed sheet downward, revealing my thighs; he placed his palm over my thigh rubbing softly and slowly, but he was going upward with his hand, moving it to my inner thigh, as of a sudden, I whispered in his ear “that is something, you were doing last night Billy, while drunk” he was shocked, or acted shocked.

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Shinya hiiragi
I know man i was so close to crying
Yohko asagiri
Wow live action is better than the anime