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#379274 - LATER THAT EVENING I had picked my Daughter's bedroom for the evening entertainment for two reasons first i hoped she would feel more secure in her own room secondly i would get an extra buzz out of doing her while surrounded by her childish things, Ok darling get undressed lay on the bed & lets will see if this cock of mine can fit up your cunt, Debbie hurriedly removed the few items of clothing she had on & jumped onto her bed, Wow you are keen, Sure Daddy why not the girls in the films we watched looked like they were enjoying themselves , Ok lets get you ready lay down & open your lets wide for Daddy sweetie, Debbie lay down & shamelessly held her cunt open for my inspection wasting no time i dived in face first taking in her puffy cunt mound into my mouth , Her hands fell limp at her sides as my tongue rasped along the entire length of her cunt splaying what tiny lips she has wide apart, Each upward lick caught her clitoris making Debbie roll her hips up a

Read Gaybukkake ペルソナ5if 川上貞代編 - Persona 5 Penis Sucking ペルソナ5if 川上貞代編

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