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#254993 - James went straight for Lyn's boobs, his mouth clamping on hard made her shiver as his hands released her short skirt, I asked Lewis if James knew he was bi, he said both are bi, so not a problem, as my mouth wrapped around his growing cock, Kerry knelt beside me sucking him too. The guys gave Lyn a good work out, we lay watching her take them for a good half hour, then Lewis burst his balls of again in her ass, where did he get all this cum from, as James swapped holes and worked her for another anal orgasm, Lyn shook and cum so hard James fell off, we laughed as Lyn rested, James stroking his cock was near to blowing too, seeing this Lyn told Kerry to let him fuck her again, Kerry quickly swung around, her pussy ready for his meat. Now it was my turn, sliding under her, my cock went balls deep in her pussy, between us she flew into a huge orgasm, my cock getting sucked right in, her pussy so hot inside, it was then I remembered my cock was wet with Lewis's cum, too

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