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#303531 - { that will come into play in the next chapter if there is good comment's or request's for more}. As i started to lick and suck on her pussy lip's, clit i got a very big suprise when she was able to take my cock all the way in her throat as i could feel it at the back of her throat and she had no problem's with it either wich was good cause that meant that i could sit there and rock my hip's up and down driving my cock deeper into her throat as i ate out her pussy at the same time. After i let her recover from all the fun and excitement from the sixty nine i asked her if when i popped her cherry is she wanted to be on top or on the bottom and she said she wanted to be on bottom and let me use my body weight to thrust in her and pop her.

Read Domina Onsen, Gokuraku, Marie-sama. - Girls und panzer Made Onsen, Gokuraku, Marie-sama.

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