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#160396 - We left the shower and dried each other, then she poured us another drink she asked “was I any good? it’s the first time I have taken a guy all the way orally”, I told her she was the best ever, I took her in my arms , led her to the bed then lay side by side, fingering her pussy gently whilst I suckled her nipples and slowly recovered my erection, when I was finally hard again she climbed on top of me lined my cock up with her hole and sank down effortlessly onto me, her pussy felt tight, wet and hot as she worked up and down on my pole gradually taking more and more as she rode me to her orgasm then as before she threw her head back and flooded my balls with her juice as she came however this time after her orgasm she did not immediately climb off but simply rested sitting on my hips with my cock still wedged fully in her pussy, her nipples were erect and hard her breasts were slick with perspiration and her face was slack after her orgasm, I raised my head and suckled again on her n

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Solution epsilon
Bit too sensual for my liking still decent tho
Sylphiel nels lahda
Did you disown her after