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#5652 - She had just started working at the new clothing store down the street, and her boss Matt was a dream, standing at 6'4, he had short red hair, with amazing blue eyes, he was built with a six pack and broad shoulders, he had a wonderful smile, his hands were thick and full of power. He thought to himself man is she hot, I wouldn't mind having a piece of that. She watched as he squirmed and wiggled to get away you can't go anywhere baby mommy is the only one who can let you go and her cock is in your ass now, all you can do is fuck it or be fucked against you will! Tina pushed in more only an inch was in now,please plsease please he begged again, thats it mommy is mad now I'm going to make it all go in and make your ass hurt so bad and right after she said that she plunged her strap-on as hard as she could into his ass making him jerk and squirm even more.

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Kazuma ikezawa
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