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#352793 - We told John, Lyn's lover, and Frank and a few others to turn up around 7pm, this way they could get comfortable with the girls before the more experienced guys got here, John was very nervous, as he had only ever fucked Lyn 1 on 1 before, here he was with 4 or 5 guys waiting to fuck her too, so Lyn got him going, sucking his cock while her pussy was filled by Frank, things began to move from there as Kerry took on two more guys, I helped her along by sliding my cock in her ass, to give her another full house. Lyn was still going strong, her lovers working as a tag team, as soon as one got tired, they swapped, it was a near endless fuck session, as her mouth took load after load too, she was sharing a fair bit of cum with Frank, who's as kinky as us now. The night carried on, I heard guys grunt as they cum in the girls, my ass took several loads before I found Kerry laying on her back, my ass went on her mouth, then pushed the cum out, she ate it all, I saw Lyn drop a load in

Read Hot Wife 【台湾FF37】[蜂巢 (Apoidea)]《優衣與騎士君的倆人♡時光》[Chinese] (超異域公主連結 Re:Dive) [切嚕系女子個人搬運] [Decensored] - Princess connect Gaycum 【台湾FF37】《優衣與騎士君的倆人♡時光》

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