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#347631 - Matthews had said, Find someone who loves you for you, and she knew in her hear that she just did!!! THE END. Still feeling the effects of having just sucked her nipple, she touched his arm and said quietly, I'm not upset, John, but may I ask you a question?!? Sure, he replied gratefully, anything at all, shoot!!! She thought carefully for a moment, but then asked, When you were looking at me, did you like what you saw, or was it gross to you or upsetting to you!?! You're kidding, right, he asked!?! No, she replied while shaking her head, why would I be kidding?!? Well, he stumbled while his cheeks turned crimson, I mean, uh, you've got an unbelievable chest, and who wouldn't like to look at it!!! You really mean that, she asked doubtfully?!? Giving her an unbelieving look he replied slowly, Yeah, why, don't you think they look good?!? What I think is unimportant, she answered quickly, what I want to know is, what exactly do yo

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