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#388307 - He took a shower, changed into the tee-jeans-boots with jacket combo, put his hair up on the usual ponytail do and left the house at exactly 6AM, walking the whole way to school. Somehow his bad mood had subsided and he had actually managed to have lunch, so that’s two problems down, but he still didn’t know what to do about his argument with James. And even if you did, why would you choose to take them to some place that had nothing to do with the subject we agreed about, and instead take me to an underground party spot and then leave me on my own? Plus, how could she have the money ready for me to join the circle, and even if she had the money, why would she just put the money down on he table when she didn’t even know if I would win?” “Holy shit that makes sense” Avery said before looking down at the football field “We know the goal was to get you to get beaten up by me, but why would she just turn on you like that? There has to be a reason.

Read Ball Busting 【周一连载】女儿闺蜜都归ME(作者:推亮&色皮林) 第1~30话 Perfect 【周一连载】女儿闺蜜都归ME(作者:推亮&色皮林) 第1~30话

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