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#279000 - John never learned about Margaret having two young studs fucking her and Margaret never learned about John fucking all the girls in his class. As he was about to see if they were ready Tracy knocked on his door asking if she could come in, as she stepped threw the door he asked what she wanted, “Sir, can we stay here and not go on the cross country”? “What are you going to do if I let you stay”? she walked to him and standing in front she slipped her hand into his shorts, “What about if we play with your cock, and if you want, you could suck our cunt’s”, he jumped when the boys door was knocked, “Sir were ready” Tracy asked what they were going to do, he knew he would be sent to hell, but he found himself calling, “Ok James, you all know the route, off you go, the girls want to stay here and play with balls today” Tracy giggled, she called to Diane to watch the boys to make sure they went off. Life can’t get any better than this.

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