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#391181 - Time drifts by Your mind churns, replaying moments that have past of what could have been or should have been should you leave the door open? should you let him see more? let him know that you know? thats the thought you play in your mind as you lie in your bed as you slide your hand under under the waistband of your panties fingers seeking that sweet spot the one that makes you gasp that makes your body tingle and running through your mind is? . he makes that first move crossing the doorway crossing that line that seperated the fantasy from the reality and your breath quickens, you cant go back now as he walks into your room eyes not leaving your lithe young body taking in your nipples which are hard and straining straining against the sheer material of your t-shirt eyes roaming over a body that he has only dreamt about and as you feel his weight settling on the bed you roll onto your side bringing your legs up, curling them against you

Read Japan Elf Who Likes to be Humiliated Ch.14/? Asslicking Elf Who Likes to be Humiliated Ch.14/?

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