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#140311 - That was all it took, he went wild, his cock now ramming home, some 12 inches deep in her ass going crazy, as the guys cheered her on, lucky they had rented most of the rooms on this side of the motel, the noise was loud. Naked she walked to the car, driving home she looked at the money her eyes opened wide, as she pulled out around a $1,000, gees she said, I'd do them all for nothing, this is great, when we got home I got her to fuck my ass and fist me, telling her about my fun with the dog and guy as well. It was a few months ago, that Sue and I had fun on the boat with a load of guys having a stag night out, so when Colin the guy who orgasnised it rang and asked if we were free for more fun, as another of his mates was getting married and word had got around, we said yes, send us the details.

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