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#183368 - Now saying:: Oh getting it to happen is no problem :: Your coming to grips with your deepest desire for it and believe me huney I have been right where you are now. My lady friend Jackie decided to break the monotony and said as she was petting shadow and scratching his pointy ears looking down directly at him as she just blurted out:: I bet I know what you want:: As Staci just looked over at her in completely stunned look on her face as Jackie had said this in a way that was totally sexual in nature. As she stayed in position only swaying as she looked over to see Jackie now putting the soft leathered socks on each of Shadows paws as he pranced and danced and Staci's eyes shot wide open and she stammered out:: HHiiisss ttthiiing isss ccoming oouut Jackie just snickered at watching Staci's entire body shudder as her eyes wide open in disbelief and seeing Shadows cock emerge from it's hiding place and adding to it all said:: It's so hot and p

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Osamu mikumo
Finally the pretty babe has used a little bit lingery what a n ice body
Kouta oyamada
Neither both are douche canoes