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#130833 - For 2 more weeks we met and the same routine played out, I was in heaven, I had met my dream top, a guy who’s cock didn’t go soft and 3 hours of solid fucking, where had he been for so long, was all I could think of, as my body was used by him, Then as we played the following week I said, how come you haven’t cum yet, He said “I have a problem”, I thought at first of course maybe it was a medical problem or some thing like that, “What” I asked, he looked at me and said that his cock once hard doesn’t go soft, of course I replied “That’s not a problem” he continued, once I fuck a guy I have to go home and wank for some time to cum, guys don’t last long enough for me to cum in them, I looked at him and said “I will make sure you cum tonight” he said that he had never cum in a guys arse before ( he was in his 50’s to) and would like to, so with renewed energy we fucked, 3 hours went by, and he was still going, then I sat astride him and rode his cock, facing him, his hands on my

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