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#247196 - Once my other pump is removed and placed ever so neatly with its partner on the floor, I watch as you remove your jeans, left in boxers I get to take in your powerful legs, you have an amazing body, your muscles ripple as you move about the room, dimming the lights and going to the mini bar fridge and returning with a bottle of wine, two glasses, some strawberries and a black cloth draped over your arm, I am mesmerized as you sit down beside me on the bed, you pour wine and I sit up as you offer me a glass, I take a sip then place it on the bedside drawers. A moment passes in silence , the sound of my heartbeat thunderous to my ears, fluttering touches of your fingertips at the back of my head, I suck in air as you tenderly undo the blindfold and nibble on my neck, I do not bother to open my eyes as the only thing I am interested in seeing is you but you are behind me out of my vision.

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Serina niiya
What the fuck that chick is fucking terrifying this shit will haunt me for the rest of my life like i will never be the same ever again
Lindy harlaown
You was putting in that work baby girl
Natalia luzu kimlasca-lanvaldear
Nice body great hentai