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#300243 - then she had to leave and i was left with just myself and it just wasnt the same. but i wanted to feel him inside me again and i wanted to taste him again so i lightly pushed him away against the shower wall it was cramped still but i turned around and did what i could to lift my right leg up and prop my knee against another wall i wasnt being coy about it adam knew what i wanted and as soon as i was in position he came at reaching around me with his left arm and grabbing my ass cheek with his right he spread my ass and i reached down and guided his cock to my hole still full of cum he pushed and was able to get in without issue i felt amazing the warmth of the water his embrace his thick cock filling me again. he broke the kiss and said i see someone came prepared i like that he then invited me upstairs to his bedroom i quickly gathered my clothing and followed him upstairs.

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