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#189855 - Saturday came and everyone showed up at my place, the weather cooperated and was beautiful, as were all my female neighbors, Janice sported a nice red bikini that left nothing to the imagination, her daughters wore slightly less revealing bikinis, Karen surprised me by showing up in a tiny white bikini that showed more than it hid (which earned her a glaring stare from Janice!!) we ate, and drank and played in the pool after a couple of hours Don said “if you will all excuse me, I have to get on the road so I can be in Tulsa Monday” and left, the girls all teased me mercilessly after that, rubbing against me when we were swimming, Denise yelled out “let’s play Marco Polo” and proceeded to jump onto my shoulders, as we moved during the game I could feel more moisture than there should be on my neck and thought to myself (this little chicks pussy is soaking!) of course Janice had Susan on her shoulders, and Karen was just in the mix of things, as Susan and Denise battled up top, Karen an

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Danm her head game trash
Kushina uzumaki
Insanely cool doing