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#41030 - A smile from a passing jogger got Harry thinking about the girl he had the affair with those years ago, this girl who had so politely smiled looked a lot like her, still she would be older then that now. Harry was in the bathroom, his mind was racing, in the bed was a naked twenty-four year old woman, one he was going to have sex with, it had been so long since he last had an affair but this was an opportunity too good to miss, he did feel a little guilty about his wife but he wasn’t going to miss this for anyone. Harry watched as she went running past him, she was beautiful, long auburn hair and big green eyes, a nice tanned body, very lean but with curves too, he’d never seen anyone like her.

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Akari mizunashi
I love the dark dick a lot
Shizuha aki
Fuck that music it needs to fuck i wanna hear the fucking moans
Atsushi kinugawa
My god she is so fucking hot