#38692 - I was freaked out didnt know what to do they positioning me on the bed the leader got the most fun demanding me to suck his huge cock, to my determined and stubborn anger i refused saying i ,  threatening to bite even though i knew if i did id get hurt, i knew better than to fight them id been scared since id been locked in the room ond morse so since these other guys came in, but i knew that if i went with it id still be able to have some dignity and a chance i wouldnt get hurt maybe even enjoy it or not, anyhow he dragged me ontop of him getting me to sit on his cock which was huge and streched my little hole he slid me up and down while fucking me from below at each thrust he was telling me how much he loved how i could take his cock n how he loved to hear me cry out as he slammed it deep into me, telling each of his eager friends how well he was doing my pussy saying he would show them how it was done, then letting them have a go, i was like a doll taking cock after cock in a daze,

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