#149213 - I took it out, and yelled into her ear, use your tongue treat it like a lollipop it has a surprise when you do it all together long enough , she nodded yes, and i pressed my cock into her mouth now 2 inches again, she was using her tongue, around the whole head of my cock, i gathered her hair and began makin a head motion pulling her hair, 5 ina half inches digging into my 12 year old sisters throat, gagging noises, spit dripping from my cock and her mouth, i continued pulling her hair while she sucked my dick, i had loved it so much i took the bandana off her eyes and made her look at me, perfect sight, i started forcfully shoving 8 inch dick into hr mouth, face fucking her, she was gagging up a storm, i then just began pulling her hair again, then i sqeeezed her tits, layed her in the shower, and used her titties to rub my dick, titty fucking her small boobs, then i said here comes the surprise, you want to taste it and suck the juices out and swallow, or just have it squirt every

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Thank you so much
Meracle chamlotte
Tbh i only jack off to feel something but once i m done i always think about her and it still hurts i got a new girl now but it doesn t feel the same and i wish i could go back but it would never work out i wish i could move on even tho i have because now i m just stuck on the good memories and it hurts knowing i can t have more with her
Mia guillem
I am absolutely in love
Cloche leythal pastalia
So we learn that anal is not really her thing
Natsu dragneel
I go crazy remembering the last night