#176373 - As the pingers kicked in we got closer and closer together on the couch the music making us feel so good , everything felt awesome and it wasnt long until her legs were draped all over me and both our heads resting on the back of the couch talking shit, my hands all over her legs pulling her closer , her tiny frame was so easy to manipulate as she wrapped herself into me when's ya man gonna be back I asked quietly just as our mouths got almost ready enough to kiss each other fucks me but knowing that cunt hell be hours she replied fuck it I said as I pulled her lips to mine we kissed passionately the way you can only understand if youve ever kissed for the first time when off guts on pills it's all so intense and feels so right, we just sat there kissing and touching each others bodies, her hands making it to the top of my jeans as I reached the top of hers, unbuttoning her jeans and tugging at them forcing her to stop and jump to her feet only to wiggle out of her t

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