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#144409 - My sister wouldn’t let me touch her for the next few days then Rick was called into work, me and Tina sat having lunch when she inquired what was the fascination of having my cock sucked, l told her the sensation was different as a mouth could be dry and suck my cock hard or it might be wet and warm just like a pussy would feel, l knew the next question was going to be about having spunk shot into her mouth, so said l couldn’t believe she had never tasted cum which seemed to end the conversation. We dressed and it was then Tina reminded me that l had offered to take Sasha to the cinema Friday night which l had forgotten all about. My eldest sister Tina and her husband Rick were renovating their new home and asked if l would help out due to being laid-off a couple of weeks earlier, so l packed a bag and caught the train to Hythe, Rick picked me up at the station and sis made a nice meal for us all.

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