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#255072 - We never made it to lunch, spending all afternoon pleasuring ourselves until early evening when Cindy called a halt to lovemaking suggesting Pizza and sleep as we all had an early start in the morning, this is becoming a habit I thought. My tongue probing the depths of her pussy, juices running down my chin between the folds of her labia continuing to excite both of us as her orgasm over took her, I removed my cock from her mouth, turning around on the sofa I mounted her in the missionary position and gently eased into her pussy and ever so slowly began moving in & out of her moist vagina. April walked up to me & started checking out the fit of the dress, running her hand over my rear end up to my waist, she commented to Cindy that the fit was great but loose around my boobs (apparently the previous model had bigger breasts than mine) with pins in tow April began to push & pull at the dress around my boobs commenting to hold still whilst she put a few pins in the dress, April helped

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