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#296730 - Alma Delia every monday I get together with some friends at a local bar for a few beer,last week was not an exeption, I came home late at night,about 2 in the morning and like always I went to sleep,next morning I wake up ready to go to work and I noticed my car was in the wrong parking spot and my view mirrors were all mess up,I didnt thought much about it,after all I was drunk last night,later that day at work a friend of mine told me he saw my daughter driving my car around 3 in the morning,then I started thinking and realized my daughter is being driving around with her friend after I pass out drunk,I got mad and I was about to confront her when I got an idea,I m going to fuck her,I been lusting after her ever since she started to get boobs, as usual monday came by and as usual I got ready to go out,my daughter knew I was going to a bar to get drunk but she was wrong,instead I went to buy me a six pack of beer,some ice and put all together in my ice box,then to make time, I

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