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#231491 - Another problem, at least in her eyes?, was that although she was fairly attractive, she was quite a bit over weight and was extremely self conscious about her body, and at 5'5 tall and 190 pounds, she wouldn't be winning any swim suit contests! As the water cascaded over her voluptuous form, her hand dropped between her legs and found her hard clit waiting impatiently for some attention. As she fumbled around inside her pocket book, she didn't even notice that the top of her robe had slipped open revealing her massive chest all the way down to her big nipples. God, he tasted good, she thought, while swirling her tongue all over his smooth head, inducing him to a quick hard orgasm that flooded her mouth with spurt after spurt of hot sperm! He groaned as his cock jerked in her mouth, while releasing its life giving nourishment down the bitch's hot throat until he finally pulled out of her, his cock now semi erect and covered with saliva and cum.

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