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#390895 - A?}?fter about twenty minutes or so, Britt began to fidget, and was constantly tugging at the upper shoulder strap of her bra. Is something wrong, dear, asked Miss Ames, you seem to be in great discomfort!?! Oh, it's nothing, really, replied Britt, it's just that these stupid straps practically cut me in half, my shoulders are killing me!!! Since they were tucked away in Miss Ames' private office, and the next appointment wasn't scheduled for another half hour, she knew that no one would be bothering them for quite some time, so for that reason, Miss Ames offered, Let's get you out of this blouse and loosen up those straps, or at least move them to a different spot! Not quite sure how to handle the situation, Britt haltingly began unbuttoning her blouse, extremely embarrassed that she had let herself get so overweight and that Miss Ames would be literally disgusted with her appearance!!! While most of the time she wore utilitarian under garments, tod

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