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#144036 - “Of course I love you Faith, I always have” “Good, cause I love you too” She said half giggling “Wow Faith look at all that cum on you, I love it” Faith got up and turned on the light and went to the mirror, when she stood up, completely naked I saw just how little she was, how tiny her waist and ass was and I thought to myself, “shit id hurt her if I fucked her” Faith looked in the mirror at herself and rubbed some of the cum in, turned and leaned back against the dresser and said “I love it, I’ve wanted to see what I looked like with your cum on me for years, will you do this every night for me? Even when you fuck me Dan I still want you cum on my face” “Ha, how do you know I’m gonna fuck you Faith” I laughed, knowing full well that there would be a time when I would not be able to help myself “like I said Dan, I’m thirteen, not eight” With that said Faith left the room and went into the bathroom to clean up. I watched as my once innocent teenage sister rubbed her little ba

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Fuck yes
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Well he dies happy and she can still take another ride
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