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#112196 - Well Stacy was still up so she said You didn't cum as much as me lover so lie down and let me lick that smoothness of yours! I got down next to her and we sort did tag team licking Becks. I love the part with the porn flick couple that starts dating - that's so sweet! LOL Anyway I went to pee and when I came back they were making out on the living room couch! I told ya they started dating pretty soon after school started but only Kris and I know about it. But Becky started kissing me and I forgot! So then Becks says I told ya! and she gives Stacy another quick kiss! I said I don't mind and I can go play on the net if you guys wanna make out for a while! Becky says Really? Cuz we haven't got together at all this week! Stacy's like But we don't wanna kick you out of your own living room! You don't have to go! I said I don't mind at all you guys! You just have fun and come get me when you're done.

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