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#217430 - After her orgasm had subsided, he pounded her quivering vagina with a vicious onslaught that left her as limp as a wet dish rag! When he finally pulled his cock from her pussy it made an audible sucking sound as air replaced his cock in her open vagina, while Kimberly couldn't even move a muscle, and just stayed where she was, ass in the air, and shaking like a leaf! During this mini orgy, Barbara had slipped her hand under her skirt and was furiously fingering her clit, but what she wanted to do now was have that big cock blow in her mouth! Bobby saw her frigging her clit and stuck his cock back into her hot mouth, and since Barbara was an expert cocksucker, it was all he could do to keep from erupting in her hot mouth. Finally Kimberly regained her composure and asked, H-how big is it! Answer her, Bobby, Billie ordered. Billie Harris, the hostess for today's party, snuffed out her cigarette and rejoined, Seriously girls, I think we all miss the feeling of seeing a

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