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#19000 - Hurry up with that, I'm hungry, said a famished Vera! You don't look hungry, kidded Jill while her friend made a face at her before diving right into the food!!! It was just a good old fashioned hen party, with three girls trading gossip and watching the soaps! As usual, the conversation got trashier and trashier the longer they talked, and in no time Vera was telling about the messy divorce the couple down the street from her was having while Jill piped up about a scandal between a teacher at her son's grade school and a young janitor, for crying out loud! Watching the program on TV, they all commented on how much skin was being shown on network television, along with the frequent dirty language. Jill, not being able to get the shaving thing out of her mind asked, Did you use shaving cream or what? Good grief, Jill, a now inpatient Claire replied, do I have to show you how it's done?!? Yeah, both Jill and Vera replied in unison, show us how it'

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