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#133071 - I was so horny and pissed off at the guy all at the same time so when I shoved him away and turned back you were still humping away at the air and I couldn’t help but to jump on you myself and was ecstatic when you finally came with me inside you after all these years … then when I found out you thought I was someone else I was devastated” “I’m sorry too hun” I said “you’re the only guy I had ever been with up until that guy so I don’t know if it was the size of him, the fact that he was watching us or it was just a strangers cum being so naughty that triggered me off but I have never cum like that before and when you came inside me a second time I didn’t know it was you I came just as big again, I knew the size was different so it wasn’t the big guy again and it could have been anyone, I just felt it was OK because it was just an anonymous guys cum and it didn’t matter” “I feel really bad because I did cheat on you and really liked it, I hope you can forgive me as I have only ever

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