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#138033 - As another orgasm hit me, I heard and felt Rick tense up,, then wham my ass was filled with cum, that was enough to keep my orgasm going as he gripped my waist hard, making sure all his baby seed was deposited inside me, as his cock fell out I sat up, Sue ready to take his load, once in place I pushed hard, his cum shot out, splashing all over her face and hair, I spun around licking her clean, as Rick fell in a heap next to her. I told Lou to pull his cock out and for Gretchen to fist me, and Lou to slide his cock back in, it felt so good with Gretchen playing with his cock inside my ass, he took his time too, slowly working my ass, then he told Gretchen to grip his cock tight, he unloaded deep inside my ass, Gretchen saying how weird it felt, as they pulled out I sucked his cock dry then licked the cum from her arm, while I was kneeling they, my ass was filled by another cock, looking back Rick was balls deep in my ass, Sue next to him urging him on. We returned to the main

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Shizuha aki
Ilove how you struggled with the cum flowing into your throat and your sucking and reactions to deeper penetreations you are a real cutie excellent hentai i like your eye makeup fits you well