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#155981 - Leon pulled out and I fell face down on the bed, he went to hubby and had his cock cleaned also, then told my hubby to get to work and fuck my cunt then lick all the cum from my pussy, well hubby lasted about 30 seconds before he shot his load, then he got between my legs and sucked all the cum from me and licked my pussy clean, Leon, Eddie and I got in the shower I washed both of them and the took turns washing me, when we got out my hubby had to dry them off first, then me, once dry we all got dressed I didn't put on any panties because my hubby had them on, and we all went to dinner and drinks before returning to our room for round number 2. The guys all sat down and started to rub their cocks getting them hard, I sat on the bed watching them a photo came up of me in red silk panties, I said oh I was wearing them today, Eddie asked if he could touch them and jack off in them, I went in the bath and got them, as I handed them to Edie my robe came open and Leon looked right

Read Rabuda Naisho no Passion - The Secret Passion - Pripara Two Naisho no Passion - The Secret Passion

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Sugane tachibana
Wish i could taste that lollypop after its been up your ass
Yuko yoshida
Thx kevin
Tsukihi araragi
Where are you i needa find you