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#258230 - Dancer!!! Fair enough, Mike, she replied quickly, and while we're alone, or in my apartment you may call me Ellie, is that good with you!?! Just fine, he said, so it's Mike and Ellie, then!!! For the first time since he had met her, Mike noticed that even though Ellie Parkman was probably about fifty, she was truely a striking woman with large full breasts, sensuous full lips, jet black hair that perfectly framed her attractive face, and from what he could see from where he was standing, fairly trim legs!!! Do you like what you see, Mike, she asked soflty!?! O-oh gosh, I'm sorry, he replied red faced, I didn't mean to stare, please forgive me!!! For what, she answered with that lifting laugh, if I were you I'd be wondering what the merchandise looked like, after all I'm just another old woman!!! You've gotta be kidding, he stammered, y-you're beautiful!!! Why thank you, Mike, she replied softly, and I think you'r

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